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Disruptive new technology to recycle Li-ion batteries and rare earth magnets

Developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, with funding from the US DoE’s Critical Materials Institute, Momentum is commercialising a Membrane Solvent Extraction (“MSX”) technology, which recovers high-purity metal streams from waste products at low energy and cost.

  • MSX technology recycles all metals in Li-ion batteries and rare earth elements from magnets
  • Technology is modular and can be co-located directly at the collection site thereby significantly lowering capital and operating costs
  • 99.9%+ purity products produced relative to 95% in existing recycling processes, which facilitates premium pricing and lower GHG emissions
  • High recovery rates, minimal waste and modular technology make it suitable for rapid scaling to cater for the growing demand for battery recycling

  • Momentum’s process decreases CO2 emissions by 75% relative to the primary mining of metals