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MONEY MAZE PODCAST: The immense opportunities in strategic metals

Brian Menell, CEO and Founder of TechMet Discusses The Immense Opportunities In Strategic Metals. In...
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The Geopolitics of Critical Metals and the Green Revolution

Coverage of Brian Menell, CEO TechMet, and other speakers on the Centre for Geopolitics.

FT LIVE: Brian Menell, CEO TechMet, at the FT Commodities Summit

Coverage of Brian Menell, CEO TechMet, at the FT Commodities Summit.

Atlantic Council: A virtual fireside chat with TechMet Founder and CEO Brian Menell

A virtual fireside chat with TechMet Founder and CEO Brian Menell. Learn more here.

FP Virtual Climate Summit

Foreign Policy TV Journalist Maggie Lake of Foreign Policy interviews Brian Menell the Chairman and...

USA TODAY: Ahead of Biden’s climate change summit, America is losing vital ground on clean energy

To remain a leader in the energy and automotive arenas, we must secure adequate supplies...
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THE TELEGRAPH: Race for heavy metals puts electric car revolution at risk

Raw materials are vital to the green technology revolution, but China's insatiable thirst could leave...
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THE ECONOMIST: Mission critical Governments have identified commodities essential to economic and military security

Cut deep into the desert rock of southern California are the jagged tiers of an open-pit...
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MINING ELITES ONE-ON-ONE: Brian Menell, TechMet Ltd

Elodie Delagneau, Event Manager of Africa Mining Forum speaks to Brian Menell, CEO of TechMet...
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BERNSTEIN EV CONFERENCE: TechMet – Chairman & CEO, Brian Menell

Good morning or good afternoon, wherever you're calling from I'm Mark Newman from Bernstein, and...