MONEY MAZE PODCAST: The immense opportunities in strategic metals

Brian Menell, CEO and Founder of TechMet Discusses The Immense Opportunities In Strategic Metals.

In 2017 Brian founded and continues to serve as Chairman and CEO of TechMet Ltd, an investment vehicle for a portfolio of technology metal projects. TechMet acquires and manages projects that produce, process and recycle the key strategic technology metals that go into batteries, electric vehicles and renewable energy systems – cobalt, lithium, nickel, tin, tungsten, rare earth metals and vanadium.

He explains how the world is undergoing a seismic transformation in how it produces and uses energy. A part of this is a mobility revolution with the mass adoption of electric vehicles. These radical shifts represent ‘once-in-a-century’ investment opportunities and will re-shape not just whole industries, but also the geopolitical landscape. A key to success will be the ability to secure the supply of its building blocks – the technology metals.