TECHNOLOGY METALS PANEL: Will mining survive and thrive in a new energy world?

4th August 2020

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REPLAY – EVs, Batteries, and ESG: Webinar with TechMet CEO – Investing in Metals to Fuel the Technology of the Future

4th August 2020

The Webinar featured TechMet Chairman & CEO Brian Menell, who discussed how so-called technology metals have become the “oil of the 21st Century” as they facilitate wide adoption of renewable energy and electric vehicles. TechMet has operations in Europe, Africa, and the Americas that produce and recycle technology metals including lithium, cobalt, nickel, vanadium, tin, tungsten, along with rare earth elements.


US VANADIUM: U.S. Vanadium to keep Arkansas-based facility operational

9th April 2020

U.S. Vanadium To Keep Arkansas-Based Facility Operational Given its Role as an Essential Part of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base

HOT SPRINGS, AR – (April 6, 2020) –U.S. Vanadium (the “Company”), the Arkansas-based producer of the world’s highest-purity vanadium pentoxide (V2O5), announced that it intends to maintain manufacturing operations at its flagship Hot Springs, AR production facility given its essential role as part of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base.

U.S. Vanadium produces a variety of vanadium-based industrial materials that are used in military and national defense applications, as well as in the catalyst, chemical, petrochemical, titanium, and energy storage industries.  The Hot Springs, AR facility can produce V2O5 at the very high purity levels required by demanding applications such as maleic anhydride catalyst, bismuth vanadate pigments and vanadium redox flow batteries.  Information on U.S. Vanadium’s full product suite can be seen here.


EXPRESS UK: Motoring industry attacks plans to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2035 after metal concerns

11th February 2020

A PROPOSED ban on petrol and diesel car sales from 2035 has been attacked by a range of motoring experts spoken to by

Motoring specialists have shown a range of reservations for the introduction with many concerned on whether Britain was ready to go all-electric. Concerns were raised over the lack of infrastructure and extra pressures which may be placed onto dealers to make sales.

In the most shocking claim, some experts predict the ban could lead to a shortage of key metals such as cobalt.

The group said the risk of supply shortages has not been considered by the government and warned generating extra supplies can take up to ten years.

Speaking to, Brian Menell, CEO of TechMet said: “The problem with forcing wholesale changes to the type of vehicles we drive is that the government is not considering the challenges of supplying the raw materials to build these new electric vehicles.


PR NEWSWIRE: Li-Cycle Announces First Commercial Shipment of Recycled Battery Material

11th February 2020

PR Newswire

First shipment of commercial product recovered via Li-Cycle’s proprietary, high efficiency process marks a major milestone in the lithium-ion battery recycling industry globally

TORONTOJan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Li-Cycle Corp. (“Li-Cycle“), a leading North America based lithium-ion battery resource recovery company, is pleased to announce in December 2019 it completed its first shipment of commercially recycled battery material, containing energy metals concentrate. The shipped product was processed at Li-Cycle’s facility in Ontario, Canada and contained key energy metals – such as cobalt, nickel and lithium – used in lithium-ion batteries. Li-Cycle is one of the few companies globally capable of recovering critical battery materials from lithium-ion batteries in a sustainable and safe manner.


GLOBAL INVESTMENT MEGATRENDS: West facing huge challenge from China’s technology metals dominance

17th October 2019

Global Investment Megatrends

The West faces a huge strategic challenge to its plans for renewable energy, battery storage and electric vehicles because China has won a 15-year war to dominate supply of rare earths and other essential metals.

Brian Menell, chairman and CEO of TechMet, a private technology metals company, is helping to address this strategic imbalance by producing, processing and recycling these metals.

He says: “What is often not adequately appreciated is that the global power, energy and mobility revolution is dependent on a relatively small number of strategic technology metals that go into batteries, electric vehicles and renewable energy systems and that are in structural short supply and are almost entirely controlled or substantially influenced by the Chinese state or by Chinese interests.


PR NEWSWIRE: U.S. Vanadium Holding Company LLC Acquires America’s Sole High-Purity Vanadium Production Facility From Leading Russian Steel Producer

14th October 2019

PR Newswire

Restart of Operations at the Arkansas-Based Facility Will Create New Jobs and Will Allow the U.S. to Once Again Produce the Highest-Purity Vanadium Pentoxide Made Anywhere in the World.

HOT SPRINGS, Ark.Oct. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — U.S. Vanadium Holding Company LLC (“US Vanadium”) today announced the closing of its acquisition from a leading Russian steel conglomerate of the only facility in the Americas that produces the world’s highest-purity vanadium pentoxide (“V2O5“).

The facility, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, can produce V2O5 at the very high purity levels required by demanding applications such as maleic anhydride catalyst, bismuth vanadate pigments and vanadium redox flow batteries (“VRBs”).


MINING REVIEW AFRICA: “The potential of the Li-ion battery recycling industry is enormous”

4th October 2019

Mining Review Africa

Exclusive interview with Brian Menell, Chairman & CEO of TechMet Limited, United Kingdom. At the upcoming East & Central Africa Mining Forum, TechMet is a bronze sponsor and Mr Menell is a panellist in the conference session on “Financing mining projects in East & Central Africa.”

Let’s start with some background on TechMet Ltd, your products and services and the industries you serve?

TechMet is a private company in which we are building a portfolio of projects that either produce, process or recycle the battery and EV metals where we see maximum dislocation between exponential growth in demand and inefficient scalability of supply, and where China dominates the supply pipeline.


THE TELEGRAPH: US government taps UK firm to secure rare metals

22nd April 2019

The Telegraph

The US government is in talks with London-headquartered mining business TechMet about potential investment in the firm as it works to secure better supplies of the rare metals required to mass-produce electric cars.

Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), a US government agency tasked with advancing foreign policy and national security objectives, has contacted the company which mines metals used for the vehicles’ batteries. There is concern in the US about the growing control China wields over access to many of the raw materials, such as lithium and cobalt, needed. Beijing also dominates the processing of these materials.


MINING GLOBAL: TechMet Understanding the tech metals revolution

22nd April 2019

Mining Global

Mining Global brings you the lowdown on the latest trends in the battery metals market from TechMet CEO Brian Menell offering his predictions for the future production of tech commodities.

“We are currently experiencing an epic supply/demand dislocation between exponential growth, and demand for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and renewable energy systems, coupled with a lack of efficient scalability of the sources of supply for key ingredients.”The verdict on the state of the market for battery metals, from TechMet CEO Brian Menell, hits home when he likens the current impasse to a scale not seen since the impact of the Industrial Revolution, when the demand for coal and iron ore skyrocketed. It represents an unprecedented value creation opportunity as the global adoption of new technologies ramps.