THE ECONOMIST: Mission critical Governments have identified commodities essential to economic and military security

Cut deep into the desert rock of southern California are the jagged tiers of an open-pit mine. Mountain Pass is North America’s only mine of rare-earth metals, used in everything from fighter jets to the drive-trains of electric cars. In 2015 Mountain Pass shut, unable to compete with rare-earth producers in China. But it has begun a new chapter. mp Materials, which bought the mine in 2017, said on March 18th that production in 2020 jumped by 40%. More expansion is planned. With grants awarded by America’s defence department last year, mp Materials will build facilities to process rare earths, part of an effort to secure supply independent from China.


BERNSTEIN EV CONFERENCE: TechMet – Chairman & CEO, Brian Menell

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Good morning or good afternoon, wherever you're calling from I'm Mark Newman from Bernstein, and this is electric revolution US Summit. And we're joined today with our next special guest is Brian Menell. He is the CEO of TechMet. 

Covering global metals and mining is going to be joining this session to help me on the Q and A with Brian and just a brief introduction of Brian. Brian is CEO tech Matt has been in the mining industry for over 25 years as an expert in this area and TechMet, which is the CEO of is a company that is investing in technology metals.

Excerpt from Mark Newman during the conference.

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